There are several initial activities for Hydrogen Power for North Carolina (H2NC):


1.   Establish that early installations of state-of-the-art hydrogen fueling stations in North Carolina are technically possible.


2.   Establish it is the right of North Carolina citizens to know more about the benefits of fuel cells and hydrogen infrastructure (FCH2).


3.   Establish that the VW Settlement is a ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicles) deployment opportunity is for the benefit of the American people. Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) are ZEVs as per the US Courts.


4.   Establish that the Duke Energy Progress 2016 Integrated Resource Plan fails to properly describe stationary fuel cells. The IRP must be edited in an open, public manner to properly inform DEP customers, the NC Utilities, and all levels of government involved. This is no doubt the need in other Duke Energy independent system operator markets.


Sustain NC – H2NC Overview PDF




  • NC Hydrogen Systems Roadmap


  • NC Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Infrastructure Act


More to follow. Visit Sustain NC and Smart Grid DEEP in the meantime: